Roasted Red Bell Peppers

While they’ve become common ingredients in the cuisines of the Mediterranean, sweet and hot…

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For the illusion of a cream sauce, add some Mezzetta® Olive Oil to roasted red peppers and some crushed garlic, and puree together in a blender.  This will emulsify the mixture and appear to be creamy but really be healthy.

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For a quick and delicious appetizer, add some Mezzetta® Olive Oil to a small dish with a splash of balsamic vinegar and Italian seasoning; great for dipping your bread in.

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Sauté in Mezzetta® Olive Oil instead of butter.  Not only is it better for you, it has a higher smoke point and is a more versatile cooking fat.

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Substitute Mezzetta® Olive Oil in your next cake recipe for a hint of flavor that will leave people saying “What’s that I taste?”

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