Specialty Olives 101

Olives are a delicious, simple and sophisticated way to offer up hospitality to family and friends. Experiment with new olive varieties such as our gorgeous, buttery tasting Castelvetrano olives imported directly from the town of Castelvetrano Sicily. Or, delve into our Napa Valley Bistro™ Olives which are happily marinated in local Napa Valley wines and herb blends. Sit back after a hard day and enjoy a classic dry martini with Mezzetta® Martini Olives soaked in vermouth. Toss up a Greek salad or whip up a quick tapenade with Mezzetta® Kalamata Olives. Have a fun wine and cheese pairing party with any of our specialty olive varieties. There are so many ways to enjoy specialty olives and we won’t tell if you just stand in front of the fridge and gobble them up right out of the jar.