Pesto 101

Basil Pesto: Want big, bold, bright Mediterranean flavor? We’ve got it. For our Homemade Style Basil Pesto we use a few key ingredients, such as the highest quality sweet basil, Parmesan cheese, fresh garlic, sea salt, olive oil and pine nuts. It’s because of these quality ingredients that we are able to create a pesto that’s as close to fresh as any you’ll find in a jar. Pesto was originally ground into a paste by using a mortar & pestle, resulting in a course texture. While we don’t use a mortar and pestle, the texture is reminiscent of this authentic technique. Made in the Napa Valley we use a touch of chardonnay just for fun!

Sun-Ripened Dried Tomato Pesto: A centuries-old tradition, Italians dried tomatoes on their tiled roofs under the Mediterranean sun to enjoy during the winter months. While we utilize a more sophisticated technique today, this Sicilian-style pesto recipe celebrates the particularly intense flavor of dried tomatoes. We make it the authentic Italian way using sun-ripened dried tomatoes, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, pine nuts, fresh basil, fresh garlic and natural sea salt. Made in the Napa Valley we use a splash of locally made cabernet to add depth and richness.

Toss into pasta. Use as as pizza topping. Spread on a panini or bruschetta.

Bring Mediterranean style to your cuisine.  Mangia!

Contains nuts.