Pasta Sauces 101

Napa Valley Bistro Sauces always start with the purest and freshest ingredients available. Made in the traditional Italian way, wine is added to enhance flavor and richness. Slow cooked in small batches, only the highest quality ingredients are used, such as the finest plum tomatoes, whether imported or grown in our own backyard in Northern California. We use locally grown herbs, imported Italian olive oil and natural sea salt. When you start with the best ingredients, naturally, you end up with the best sauce. You can taste the difference!

All Mezzetta pasta sauces are made at our state-of-the-art facility in Napa Valley California. We use only Napa Valley wines from neighboring wineries. Napa Valley is known as both a culinary capital and one of the finest wine regions in the world. With the best ingredients at our fingertips it's easy to make a great sauce.

Tomatoes are the most important part of any quality pasta sauce, that's why Jeff Mezzetta, CEO and fourth generation Mezzetta, personally travels to inspect each and every crop. Mezzetta enjoys longstanding relationships with family growers so we are able to get the best harvest the season and farmers have to offer.

Flavor Collection

    * Creamy Vodka Style Marinara A decadent tomato pasta sauce with Parmesan and cream.
    * Fire-Roasted Marinara — A classic tomato pasta sauce enhanced by the rich, smoky flavor of fire- roasted tomatoes, peppers and onions.
    * Artichoke Parmesan Marinara — Tender, earthy locally grown artichokes—a California delicacy—add unexpected depth to this tomato-based pasta sauce.
    * Porcini Mushroom — locally grown porcini, champignon and portabella mushrooms add a delectable earthiness to our classic marinara pasta sauce.
    * Arrabbiata — A spicy version of our classic pasta sauce sauce, made with crushed red chilies for just a touch of heat.
    * Tomato Basil — Two classic Italian flavors come together to make a fresh, crowd-pleasing pasta sauce.
    * Roasted Garlic — Mellow, savory and sweet slow-roasted garlic adds depth to this pasta sauce without overpowering the fresh tomato flavor.
    * Puttanesca — A distinctive pasta sauce made with flavorful classic Mediterranean ingredients such as Kalamata olives, capers, anchovies and herbs.
    *Amatrciana — Based on a traditional recipe which features cured pork pancetta and sauted red onions. Mezzetta Amatriciana Pasta Sauce is hearty, savory and rustic.