Martini Olives 101

Mezzetta® Martini Olives start with the finest Spanish Queen olives, which are large and meaty and ideal for stuffing with bright red Spanish pimientos. It’s a laborious process but hey, we think a great martini is worth it.

Mezzetta enjoys longstanding relationships with the very best growers in Spain, which means that we have our pick of the highest quality olives available. Jeff Mezzetta and our Italy-based import manager travel to Spain to inspect each harvest, choosing only the very best olives to be imported to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Napa Valley, California, where we pack them in a vermouth-infused brine.

Jeff Mezzetta, owner and fourth generation Mezzetta, likes to tell the story of his grandfather Dan championing the three martini lunch in restaurants throughout San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood. Now that’s just good salesmanship!