Jalapeño Peppers 101

Jalapeños are moderately hot chili peppers that are two to three inches long and usually dark green when harvested. Red jalapeños are simply green jalapenos that have been left on the plant to continue to ripen, and are generally hotter and sweeter than their green counterparts.

Most of our jalapeños come from local family farms in Northern California and are picked by hand and delivered to our facility within twenty-four hours.

Our Tamed™ Jalapeños—a hybrid of a jalapeño and a bell pepper—were developed for us by Texas A&M University to provide all the flavor and texture of a regular jalapeño but with less heat. Mezzetta Tamed™ Jalapeños carry a trademark licensed exclusively to Mezzetta and are the perfect thing when you want the taste of jalapeño without knock-your-socks-off spiciness. If you like heat, though, you’ll love our Hot Jalapeños.

For jalapeños like none you’ve ever tasted try our Gourmet Deli Tamed Roasted Jalapeños with Chipotle Peppers, Gourmet Deli Sweet & Hot Jalapeño Peppers or our convenient Gourmet Deli Diced Jalapeño Peppers.