Castelvetrano Olives 101

Castelvetrano Olives are Italy’s number one snack olive, chosen three to one over any other type of olive. These bright green gems, often referred to as “dolce” (meaning “sweet” in Italian), are a truly exceptional snack.

Memorable and hard to find, Castelvetranos are produced exclusively in Castelvetrano, Sicily, from the olive variety known as nocerella del belice. Sometimes referred to as the “rich man’s black olive,” they are easily recognized by their distinctive bright green hue and meaty, buttery flesh. Delivering just the right amount of salt and not a hint of bitterness, this is the green olive!

Castelvetranos came on the U.S. scene only recently, first appearing on the bulk olive bars of specialty food stores, where they quickly entered the ranks of the top-selling varieties. Mezzetta is the first to offer them in jars to the U.S. market. Jeff Mezzetta and our Italy-based import manager travel to Sicily each fall to inspect the harvest and foster relationships with generations-old family farmers, ensuring that our customers have access to the finest Castelvetrano olives available.

Castelvetrano olives are always a hit at parties. Simply pour them in a dish and by the time you turn around, the bowl will be empty. Even people who say they don’t like olives find their bright color and mild flavor irresistible. Served with wine and cheese these olives are a dream for hostess and guests alike.