Banana Peppers 101

Banana Wax Peppers range from mild to moderately hot and belong to the sweet pepper family known as capsicum. Long and bright yellow with shiny skin, it’s not hard to figure out where their name comes from.

While sweet peppers are abundant from July through September, Mezzetta makes it possible to enjoy them year round. Mezzetta sources banana peppers from local family farms in Northern California, enabling us to receive them at our facility within twenty-four hours of harvesting. Taking place during the peak summer months, known as “fresh pack” season, the pepper harvest coincides with our neighboring wineries’ grape harvest, referred to as “crush”—a busy time in the Napa Valley!

Our banana wax peppers are naturally the perfect shape for snacking and pack an addictive crunch. Our biggest challenge is getting these tricky guys in the jar! It takes concerted effort to corral their wayward stems and make sure they’re all tucked in before we put the lid on. Our sliced banana pepper rings—available in mild, hot and rosemary-garlic from our Gourmet Deli line—require careful handing to keep the rings intact. After all, we can’t let torn peppers top America’s favorite foods.