Artichoke Hearts 101

Artichokes are abundant in Italy and other parts of Southern Europe, where they are served in hundreds of ways. Mezzetta offers two types of artichoke hearts: marinated and grilled. Hand-picked and trimmed to a uniform size and shape, both varieties are all natural, tender, juicy and perfectly bite-sized.

Mezzetta Marinated Artichokes feature heart-healthy sunflower oil, natural sea salt, spices and garlic. Mezzetta Grilled Artichokes, the only such product on the market, are marinated in sunflower oil, sea salt and white wine vinegar before being painstakingly grilled by hand over an open flame to achieve a rich roasted flavor and appetizing grill marks.

Jeff Mezzetta and our Italy-based Import Manager have built longstanding relationships with family farmers and they personally inspect each crop to ensure that you get the best product available. Mezzetta has done all the daunting prep work involved in serving artichokes, so you can enjoy them, hassle-free, any time.