Roasted Red Bell Peppers

While they’ve become common ingredients in the cuisines of the Mediterranean, sweet and hot…

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Why are my Mezzetta peppers different than the last jar I bought?

Similar to most agricultural products, weather and climate conditions during the growing season can greatly influence the size and spiciness of fresh grown peppers. We strive for uniformity with each jar of Mezzetta peppers but the size and spiciness can vary. We strive for acceptable ranges in every fresh grown product we produce. Please let us know if you consider the difference to be substantial. We’d like to know if the difference is affecting your satisfaction of the product.

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How long will your pickled products last once opened?

Once opened this product has a recommended refrigerated shelf life of about 4-6 months. When taking product from the jar utensils are recommended (as opposed to your fingers) to prolong shelf life.

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How long will your olives last once opened?

Our Olive products will last up to 12 months once opened as long as they are properly handled and kept refrigerated. When taking product from the jar utensils are recommended (as opposed to your fingers) to prolong shelf life.  If after some time, a white mold develops on the top of the surface, simply float it out and resume eating.

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How long will roasted bell peppers keep?

Mezzetta Roasted Bell Peppers are not pickled with vinegar as most of our other products, and we avoid using preservatives whenever possible, it will not have an extended shelf life once opened and refrigerated. We recommend that you use the peppers within seven days after opening or transfer them to a container for freezing. This information is provided on our labels.

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How long will Sun Ripened Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil keep?

Sun Ripened Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil will last up to 4-6 weeks  once opened as long as they are kept refrigerated  If a white mold develops on the top of the surface of the tomatoes, please discard them. When taking product from the jar utensils are recommended (as opposed to your fingers) to prolong shelf life.

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What is a caper?

Capers are tiny, tangy vegetables. They are the flower buds of an attractive shrub (Capparis spinosa) that is common in the Mediterranean region but rare in this country. The caper shrub has long branches and dark green, fleshy leaves. The plants are dormant in fall and winter. From spring to fall, buds form in each leaf joint. If not harvested for pickling, these open into white crepe-like flowers. Each flower lasts only half a day. Small buds are considered best in flavor. Capers require pickling; they are unpalatable raw. Capers are evaluated by size. The smaller (nonpareil) are usually used whole in recipes. The larger (Capote) capers are generally chopped to add to sauces and dressings. The English translation for the French words "nonpareil" is without equal.

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Why is there less or more cauliflower in my Italian or Hot Mix?

The bulkiness of the vegetables in this product makes it challenging to fill into jars and it’s the reason for some variability in the vegetable mix.  Our vegetable mixes are uniformly premixed following our special recipe.  Then we use a combination of machinery and manual labor to target an even fill ratio of ingredients, but there will be some slight variation from jar to jar.  This is why workers manually fill the jars as it is one of the methods of achieving a more consistent product mix. Quality checks and inspections are performed during the entire packing process to ensure our customers are getting a high quality uniformly mixed product.

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Do your products contain gluten?

The only products that Mezzetta produces that contain gluten are in the Kona Coast® Hawaiian Style Honey Mustard. Our Kona Coast® Teriyaki marinades, which contain soy sauce, also contain wheat.

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Does your vinegar contain gluten?

Mezzetta brand pickled peppers and vegetables are packed with white distilled vinegar, which is produced from either wood sugar alcohol or grain alcohol.  Both vinegars are triple distilled and filtered, and to the best of our knowledge there will be no gluten present.

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I love your brine and I put it in my martini. Do you sell your brine?

We have been asked before by customers whether we sell only the brine of our products, since like you, they use it for many different purposes.   At this time we do not produce just an olive brine because we have found the olive itself imparts a good amount of flavor to the brine.  This is why you enjoy our olives and the brine.

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I found that your brussels sprouts were too hard.

Our Dilled Brussels Sprouts are pickled to retain a very firm texture.  This makes them perfect for stews, gumbos and soups, sautéed in stir-fries and quartered and served on toothpicks as an appetizer, as our label indicates.

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Could you send me a recipe book?

Unfortunately we are no longer offering printed recipe books.   However, our extensive website has a wonderful recipe catalogue that allows you to pull up hundreds of recipes by Main Ingredient, Meal Type, and Mezzetta Product, as well as a key word search feature that allows you to enter in a recipe type.  You may access our website through  then go to “Recipes and Tips” to access our extensive library of recipes.

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Where do your olives come from?

Our olives are imported from Greece, Italy and Spain.

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Why are there white spots on my olives?

The white spots that you see on the olive are a naturally occurring result of the olive undergoing fermentation. It is harmless, and does not affect the taste of the olives.

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I opened a jar of deli sliced peppers, there are tiny white things floating in it. What could it be?

When peppers are sliced it’s likely to be the shavings of the seeds or skin which takes on the appearance of thin crescent shapes (white floating things).

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How long can I keep my opened jar of pasta sauce in the fridge?

We pride ourselves on using wholesome and natural ingredients without preservatives, wherever possible, so this sauce won’t last in the refrigerator for very long. Just like homemade pasta sauce, we recommend that it be consumed or the unused portion frozen within 3-4 days after opening.

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Solid white mass on Sun Ripened Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil after putting in fridge. Is it spoiled?

This is a natural product that does not contain preservatives. We recommend refrigeration to slow down the oxidization process of the tomatoes.  Although refrigeration prevents the tomato from turning brown quickly, the olive oil that it is packed in does turn into a solid white mass.  All you have to do is leave the jar at room temperature until the olive oil returns to a liquid state, scoop out the desired amount with a clean utensil, then return the jar to the refrigerator for later use. Alternatively you may store the open jar at room temperature, but the tomatoes will start to brown more quickly reducing the shelf life of the product significantly.

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Solid white mass in Extra Virgin Olive Oil when stored in a cool place or fridge. Is it spoiled?

When the temperature gets cold the natural fats in olive oil begins to solidify turning into a solid white mass.  You may notice this more in the early morning when the house is cold and in the winter.  If you store it in the refrigerator, the entire jar will go solid.  If you warm the oil, you will notice that the oil will return to its normal liquid state.

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